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About Me

“It seems today that the respect for guitar virtuosos has been going the way of the buffalo. Thankfully, we may have our savior in Rod DeGeorge, a prodigy from the Philadelphia area. Sharing the stage with the likes of Paul Stanley (KISS), Earl Slick (John Lennon and David Bowie), members of Foreigner, Bad Company and 38 Special, DeGeorge has held his own among solidified music legends.

Currently enjoying the success of his instrumental powerhouses, Cosmic Playground, and Quantum Dancing, DeGeorge still manages to give back, teaching young musicians composition and songwriting skills. One would think that such a multi-talented professional who has played halftime shows for the NFL, appearing on VH1, E!, a major motion picture, as well as performing for presidential crowds, would be less inclined to push the boundaries, but DeGeorge takes pride in honing his wide variety of music chops, from composing to teaching to commercial work.”

-Johnny Davis (Red Light Productions)

Additionally, DeGeorge has a signature model with the Italian guitar company, and makers of the Handle Guitar, XOX Audio Tools, as well as endorsemnets with Gibson Guitars, Dunlop Accessories and Dark Horse Strings.


“Awesome! Reminds me of Jeff Beck!” – Paul Stanley (KISS)

“There must be a lot of monkey bars and turbo-tube slides in DeGeorgeʼs playground. Itʼs fun to zoom through all the melodies, wah stabs, keyboard flurries, shred bits and harmony solos, and then collapse with giddy exhaustion.” – Guitar Player Magazine

“Check out this adventurous young fella: his playing is very exciting, and his technical proficiency is quite admirable.”

– Elliott Randall (Steely Dan)

“If thereʼs any justice in the world, Rod DeGeorge will be one of the brightest stars amongst 21st Century new guitar heroes” -Hammer World Magazine, Hungary

“It almost frightens me about what we may see in the future from this incredibly talented musician. Cosmic Playground is more than a calling card…itʼs a full-on statement of purpose that he has arrived and demands your attention” –

“Rod DeGeorge is by far one of the most prolific talents I have come across in along time. His international flavor is sure to become a heavy influence of future artists for years to come. “ – Twisted Voice

“I would pity the Devil if he ever made his way from Georgia to Pennsylvania, ʻcause as bad of a time he had with Charlie, he would just be thrashed by Rod!” – Sea of Tranquility

“Rod DeGeorge has the potential to be a big guitar hero like Steve Vai or John Petrucci. Points: 15 out of 10 (not 10…15!).” -Gitarren-Blog.De

“Great playing! Some serious picking technique and cool tunes!”

– Vinnie Moore (UFO, Alic Cooper, Solo Artist)

“Amazing stuff!! Great guitar playing, it makes me want to practice more!” – Steve Burrows (Beyonce, Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, Tommy Lee)